Whatever the feel of your event,  we have a great choice of furnishings and finishing touches that will help you set the tone.

Long Tables with Benches or Chairs

Long tables can be coupled with matching benches, or used with chairs, or a combination of the two.

Round Tables with Chairs

Where round tables are required, we suggest using 5’6” round tables seating 10 per table. These tables do need a table cloth (not provided) and must be used with chairs rather than benches.

Bespoke rustic furnishings

Included in our offerings we have unique double-sided sofas, cowhide and suede upholstered ottomans, themed cushions, reclaimed timber coffee tables and a rustic bark bar, all handmade with simplicity and style in mind. These furnishings provide a more substantial approach to your chill out area. To see our full range of beautiful rustic furnishings please call or email us to request a rustic furniture brochure.

Relaxed Furnishings

A selection of bean bags and bean cube seats around low coffee tables and side tables create a welcoming, relaxed, chill out area.

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