Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Thoughtful attention to detail and finishing touches will make your event stand out and be memorable. Over the years we have had plenty of inspiration from our clients and have developed a catalogue of wonderful items which are available to hire.

We have listed a selection of them below, however get in touch with us for a full list of what is currently available as we always have new great items arriving.

Bamboo Torches

Bamboo torches are a lovely simple rustic way of lining a pathway or marking a route to loos or an outside bar, or simply just to make a great entrance.

Coloured outdoor LED uplighters

These lights are full colour LED, allowing you to highlight hedges, trees, walls or the sides of the canvas tents to create that lovely evening ambience.

Matting pathways

Matting pathways are made from the same matting we use in the tents which keeps the continuity. It comes in 10m lengths and can be used to create a beautiful walkway up to the structures and any amenities… And yes, we can confirm it’s absolutely 100% suitable for high heels!

Festoon lighting

Festoon lighting is a great way of lighting an outside area for that festival feel and can also be used on the brim of the tent to light up a walkway leading up to the tent. Or more often, hung on shepherd’s crooks for a truly magical feel.

Shepherd’s crooks

The small shepherd’s crooks are about waist high, whilst the large shepherd’s crooks are nearly 3m high, so they are great for hanging festoon, bunting, fairy lights, lanterns, and more.

Decorative hoop

Hung from the apex of the tents these metal hoops can be used either as a set or a single hoop to create a striking floral installation.

Floral arch

This metal arch creates a beautiful entrance for your florist to work their magic on, giving you the perfect photo opportunity on the day.


These reclaimed oak wine barrels create the perfect poseur tables or plinths for flowers, and are popular for displaying flower arrangements that are brought back from the church.

Cedar cubes & coffee table set

These bespoke sets include six cube seats and a reclaimed timber table, to offer you an ideal seating option.

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