Tent methods

Demonstrating the different ways we can provide your tent to suit your location


What makes the stretch tents so different and so flexible is we are not restricted into pinning them into the ground. If your tent needs to be installed on hard standing or next to a building, we can use ballast and also attach tents directly onto a building using eye-bolt installations.  This allows us to erect tents almost anywhere and also gives us the ability to incorporate features such as walls, ponds, trees and flower beds. Ballast comes in two forms, concrete or water, and they can be uncovered or covered.

We can join tents to create unusual shapes or create larger spaces. We have put tents up on boats, rooftops, clifftop restaurants and balconies.

The result is the ability for us to adapt to almost any setting and create a structure which not only looks stunning but fits exactly within the space you have. Pick your perfect spot and we will get to work.

Below are photos of our tents that have been installed using ballast or eye-bolts, in some cases both methods.



The tents can be pinned straight to the ground or you can have the option to install stretch walling to the tents which encloses the space to keep the heat in and keeps the elements out.

Walling can be added to as many or as few sides as you would like giving you the flexibility to choose this option right up to the day of the build.

Below are tents displaying walling.

If you would like to see how our tents can configure have a browse of our floor plans or get in touch with the team for a personal quote.

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