Ten By Fifteen Structures
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100% Weatherproof

We are experts at managing the unpredictable UK weather - we can extend the fabric to meet the ground, creating an enclosed space, or quickly install our stretch walling system for last-minute protection. In addition, we offer various heating solutions including commercial grade stainless patio heaters & external diesel powered heaters (which sit outside the tent and duct warm air into the structure).

Our structures are rated to withstand the most severe UK weather and, along with our rigging expertise, have proven themselves on countless occasions. Testament to this was sheltering over 600 guests from gale force winds in John o'Groats on a stormy night.

For every event, an expert team operates to rigorous standards to ensure correct installation, all under the watchful eye of a technical sales person who will be your personal contact all the way from initial enquiry to de-rigging after the event.